Intruder Alram systems

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarm systems have been long established as a proven and cost-effective way to secure a business, deter individuals and deliver security and confidence to people.

Business people responsible for the risk management know that when crime occurs on their site or within their building that this leads to fear and uncertainty for their staff and causes business disruption.

By proving you with a Lazerbeam, intruder alarm system you will enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you’ll have the right system that is tailored to your business and its unique risks, and as a NSI gold approved alarm installer, we can help you meet all the legal and insurance related obligations you have.

The range and diverse options that are available when choosing an alarm system and provider can be daunting which is why Lazerbeam, will offer you a FREE design survey and then will produce a dedicated written specification of the best system to protect your business, we will explain to you all the functions of a system in simple, clear English and the system we install for you will be fully compliant with all the relevant standards (Nacoss, BSIA, BS).

All the intruder alarm systems we provide are warranted, guaranteed and are monitored systems which means that when an activation occurs signal is sent to the alarm receiving centre for verification which enables them to confirm the alarm and assuming it is genuine, inform the police as a priority call out.