Lazerbeam Door Entry systems

Door Entry

Door entry systems are designed to enable access to restricted areas and help to improve security within premises. Entry systems range from standard locks to electronic keypads and on to the latest biometric devices which are used for verification of individuals before they are given access to a building.

The Benefits of Door Entry Systems

Before explaining the types of door entry systems available, it is first important to understand how they can help your business. They can be deployed in a building to enhance security and access and simplify the management of a facility.

As a leading installer of access control systems in the UK, Lazerbeam can design and install systems for all types of user including, but not limited to: public or private buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, office blocks, places of worship or corporate headquarters.

We provide a wide range of door entry systems from simple audio and video solutions to GSM based, wireless and biometric systems which each have specific features to meet all of your access and security needs.

A basic door entry system uses a keypad or swipe card, but there are applications that offer higher security that request more authentications, such as a combination of a card and thumbprint. In the following section we look at the main types of door entry systems.

Types of electronic door entry systems:

Stand-alone locking

Stand-alone locks are installed on a single door. The lock’s operation is supported by internal batteries and can be unlocked using a keypad, a card or both. The benefit of these is that they work minutes after the installation. The limitation of this type of lock is that they cannot be used in network based applications.

Proximity readers

This is the most common option in commercial door entry systems. These system are easy to use and are flexible, if for example, a user loses the card a replacement is easily re-issued. You can also deactivate cards easily. Additional verification methods like the use of photo IDs may also be installed with this technology.

Many proximity cards can work up to a metre away from the reader, meaning no contact is needed between the card and the reader for the system to grant access. Another benefit of these readers is the fact that they are lower cost than a fully integrated access system and are easy to manage and control.

Biometric systems

Biometric systems use the physical characteristics of a person to identify them, examples include retinal scans and fingerprints, which makes them by far, the most secure access control methods. However, they are costlier than other methods and can be considered invasive to some people who are forced to use them frequently. Additionally, they are more suited to entrances that do not experience high volumes of traffic.

Video door entry systems

These systems provide the additional security of real time video which enables easy verification of a visitor to a building. This gives you the protection of being able to see who is visiting your business without opening your door. A video door entry system can give you peace of mind as it is a convenient way to permit access to your property. The downside is that you need to have someone who is able to look at the camera and make a decision on access during operational hours.

Audio door entry systems

An audio door entry system allows you to speak to the caller before either letting them in or releasing the door remotely via an electronic release mechanism. Systems can have multiple handsets which allows for greater flexibility and ease of use as they can be located in multiple areas of a building.

At Lazerbeam we design and install door entry systems to suit your specific needs. From single access point systems with an electric release to a multi door, multi handset system that integrates with existing security systems.

We provide a no obligation site survey to assess your exact door entry system requirements and will provide you with a solution that meets the NSI Gold standard for access control systems and meets the European and British standards.