How It all Began

As a young electronic graduate our Managing Director and founder of Lazerbeam Fire & Security was looking for a career in his chosen field and found that CCTV was not only an interesting solution for crime deterrence and reduction but also an effective way to utilize his knowledge and profession. 

Through much research and many late nights he attended courses and exhibitions to strengthen his knowledge within this field later expanding his knowledge base onto Access Control, Door Entry solutions, Intruder Alarms and Fire Alarms bringing about the formation of Lazerbeam Fire & Security Ltd.

From building and nurturing deep relationships with our clients and partners and peers, we have enjoyed continued growth and success, bringing on an array of experts including a number of mechanical and technical engineers who are highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable in their respective fields.

With our Director and senior management team actively managing the business we have  sustained year on year growth, and have managed to build up an enviable reputation and exceptional Fire & Security systems integration accreditation.

Through innovation and technological enhancements we have seen growth within the fire and security industry allowing us to not only prevent crime and save lives but also act as an extension of your security assisting management in their day to day environments.