Door Entry & Automation

Internal Security Access within a company is just as important as External Security. At Lazerbeam we provide the best in Door Entry and automation solutions, supplying, installing and maintaining a wide variety of Systems making access to your premises more convenient for yourself and visitors. Apart from security, these systems can help with the management of various facilities. Our Audio & Video Door Entry intercom systems are supplied by the world’s leading global manufacturer’s, therefore we are proud to deliver the highest quality products and workmanship to our clients.

Whether your doors are bi-fold, swing, sliding revolving or folding, as an ADSA accredited company all our installations and repairs are fully compliant with BSEN16005, ensuring safety, reliability, quality & compliance. Depending on the condition of your existing door, it is possible to fit automatic door openers. A door opener allows a standard hinged door, sliding door or double sliding door to operate automatically.

Door Entry Systems

Door Automation

Turnstiles & Barriers

Turnstiles and pedestrian gates provide an effective means of controlling access to a site. Our range of products includes full height turnstiles which can be used in conjunction with access control systems and with fire alarm systems to allow free access to fire muster points. Our comprehensive range of barrier designs includes simple manually operated versions through to sophisticated automatic parking systems and high-level security systems.

Our solutions are designed to be secure, low maintenance and reliable whilst ensuring compliance with all health & Safety legislation and the effectiveness of an installed perimeter system. Our range of Turnstiles and Barriers can all be interfaced with compatible access control equipment as well as CCTV and alarm systems, for fully comprehensive on site security and benefit from a customized maintenance and inspection regime to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and effectiveness.

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