Maintenance & Support

Our maintenance and support packages are designed to give you the peace of mind and comfort that your systems are being looked after by security professionals that go the extra mile to look after your sites and ensure you protect your people, assets and properties.

From initial design, supply and installation through to ongoing maintenance and monitoring, we maintain the capability to help prevent, detect and monitor your fire and security risks.

Delivering successful services to any Sector relies on planning preventative maintenance visits to ensure that they do not interrupt scheduled meetings, classes, lectures and seminars etc.

CCTV Maintenance

CCTV maintenance helps to keep your surveillance systems fully operational. Failure to do recurrent CCTV system and camera checks will increase the possibility of system equipment failure.

The amount of maintenance your CCTV cameras will require depends on their location and how easily knocked or damaged they are, as well as the age of your CCTV system itself.

Access Control Maintenance

Access control is the main component of any security strategy.

Maintenance of these systems help identify vulnerabilities, fix minor problems and safeguard against major breakdowns.

It is normal for the equipment of any access control systems to deteriorate over time. Doors, latches, card readers, closing devices and proximity cards become worn out at some point and will create a fault within the system. It is best to do maintenance once or twice a year as it will help prevent these faults from becoming security risks to premises, staff and clients.

Nurse Call Maintenance

Nurse call systems are vital for healthcare providers, nurse call systems form a line of communication between patient and nurse. With the advance for technology enables integration with a number of wider hospital services.

Maintenance is vital to ensure that your nurse call systems remain in continued working order, providing your staff members and residents with support. Upon completion of your maintenance inspection, you will be sent a copy of the maintenance report to ensure you are aware of any repairs or alterations that are needed.

Fire and Life System Maintenance

Fitting a fire protection system is a great start, looking after the safety of your building is an ongoing task which you shouldn't just ignore. When properly maintained and inspected, fire protection systems are among the most reliable means to ensure the safety of your building and everyone in it.

Trusting that your systems will perform in the event of an emergency depends upon the quality of the service and inspections performed on them, your fire alarm / alarm system should be inspected and serviced by an accredited professional at least once every 6 months.

Door Entry Maintenance

Some doors can be accessed hundreds of times a day, thus resulting in wear and tear on the system.

Door entry systems protect tenants and staff from unauthorised personnel and therefore should not fall into disrepair. Regular maintenance is very important for a security system to continue to be reliable. Door access systems should be checked at least once a year.

Automated Door Maintenance

It is recommended that automatic doors are serviced at least annually to protect building users and ensure their safe and timely operation. It is vital that the building occupier also do weekly security checks as these checks are pivotal in detecting faults on the system.

Each automatic door requires its own Log Book, which is usually provided by the manufacturer, to record any checks, repairs and maintenance.

Intruder Alarm

An intruder alarm system service and maintenance contract with a company that is accredited by National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or another third-party accreditor, will help ensure your system stays fully functional, and your premises are protected out of hours.

An intruder alarm system should have a comprehensive maintenance visit every year, if it is bells only and twice a year if it incorporates a police approved monitoring system. As a NSI Gold Accredited company, Lazerbeam meet all the necessary criteria that you would expect from a leading provider to ensure your system is maintained to the highest industry standard.

All alarm systems installed must meet certain basic standards in order to be accepted by insurance companies and qualify for a police response. These standards are covered in the EN50131 series and are published in the UK as BS EN50131.

Proactive Maintenance (Planned)

We provide regular planned preventative maintenance visits according to the latest British Standards.

Planned preventative maintenance of your system is vital, to insure its compliance and integrity.

Our Engineers are strategically placed throughout London; with easy access to the M25 Motor way to service surrounding areas as well. This enables us to increase servicing efficiencies and provide cost effective solutions.

Reactive Maintenance (Call Outs)

We maintain a 24/7 team of Engineers, that are coordinated through our 24hr Customer Service Desk.

Equipped with vehicle stock, our Engineers can undertake minor works at a time of corrective maintenance, thus allowing us to replace damaged equipment on site, at the time of the initial call out.

Enhanced Maintenance

This is when a system needs new works or upgrades. Knowledge in upgrade projects helps minimise disruption to a sites operation and ensures that cost effective solutions are found.

As a company we pride ourselves on understanding the life cycles of the systems we install. We tailor all works according to our clients developing needs and the sites where their systems are installed.

We offer our clients upgrades and extensions to pre-existing systems; as well as software, hardware and cable upgrades. All this ensures that the clients system is compliant.


We have a compliance function which includes:

  • Dedicated health and safety resources.
  • Dedicated internal staff training.
  • Active participation on industry trade associations and working groups.

At Lazerbeam Fire & Security we are proactive in our approach to compliance. You can trust us to be up to date regarding industry standards and regulations that affect your business

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