Risk Assessement


We pride ourselves in offering a holistic approach to your security requirements, before we design solutions that cater to your needs and meet the highest of British Standards, we make sure to look at your company’s site and its security systems in place as well as mitigate any risks that may arise.


An audit is a complete look at the security elements being used at the entire site and should not just be focused on one location within the space. In the case of an emergency or technical breach, every point of entry and piece of wiring is important, especially in offices that contain sensitive information.

When checking the safety of your workplace, we inspect the building and secure areas as if we are seeing things for the first time. We ask whether the safety directions are intuitive, easy to spot and have clear directions, whether it's an online procedure or a simple fire exit.

Lazerbeam take extensive notes on any blind spots we notice, for both the physical space (emergency doors, lights, surveillance cameras, etc...) and the virtual space (i.e. email etiquette, internet firewalls, app authentications, mobile phone location services, etc...)

Risk Assessments

We know risk assessment compliance can be a struggle for businesses who use fire and security systems, but they’re a necessity to keep your site safe and legally sound. So, to make sure your business and all its systems are operating to the highest safety standards – with minimal struggle.

  • Review your business’ environment.
  • Identifying and assessing any hazards.
  • Advising you of the best way to control or reduce any hazards identified.
  • Ensuring you fully understand the Risk Assessment review and Design process.
  • Educating you on your legal responsibilities, and the ramifications of getting it wrong.

Crisis Management

With the unpredictability of global events, we attempt to identify potential crises before they occur, in order to sketch out plans to deal with them. We have a range of crisis management solutions available to protect your business and employees.

From Lone worker, Fever screening, People counting, remote monitoring to contactless access control, you can continue to operate with minimum downtime and for your customers it is business as usual. We strongly advise that you have regular reviews of your Disaster Recovery plan, as it needs to be in compliance with Government Guidelines.

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