Distribution Warehouse – Fire Alarm Installation

Distribution Warehouse – Fire Alarm Installation

The Background

Due to the nature of the business and the expected value of stock that would be held in the warehouse at any given time the client required a state of the art Fire Alarm System to be installed, ensuring the safety of the staff, minimum risk exposure with early detection and regulatory compliance.

Lazerbeam Fire and Security Ltd were commissioned by the Directors to decommission and remove the existing system and manage, design and install a new fire alarm system.

The Challenge

The Company’s key requirement was to have an early warning fire detection system due to the size of the warehouse, the number of staff employed, the remote location and the flammability of the products contained inside the warehouse.


After a review of the site size and usage it was decided that a Ziton 2 Loop ZP3 Panel, Manufactured by United Technologies Corporation would be the best product for the job and was installed throughout the Warehouse and Offices.

The feature-packed Ziton fire detection and alarm system is perfect for medium to large sized buildings, offering a degree of system sophistication that has not previously been available and incorporates a host of features designed to make it an system that is easy to install, configure and use.

As well as providing the user with clear comprehensive information in the event of a fire, the Ziton ZP3 additionally provides an entire historic log of the systems management information. Should a fault occur a detailed explanation is shown and the user can at any time navigate through the fault history.

Lazerbeam Fire and Security designed, and installed a bespoke system to ensure safety and compliance across the entire site.

In total the project would see approximately 113 devices installed on site. In addition to the fire alarm, a Dual-comm monitoring device was installed connecting the alarm to a remote monitoring centre to ensure immediate reaction from the closest Brigade in the event of a fire.


The whole system was installed to BS5839 Classification L2. This Classification offers an early warning of fire to occupants beyond the room in which the fire starts and provides early detection in the areas of high risk. Sounders were also positioned throughout the building to achieve a minimum of 65dB.

Since completion of the of the project, the site has been fully accredited, confirming compliance with all relevant standards.

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