Sustainable Community – Access Control

Sustainable Community – Access Control

The Background

This site offers a unique network of venture builders, universities, corporate innovators and growing businesses, brought together to unlock the potential of UK innovation.

And of course, this purpose built facility required the full spectrum of fire safety infrastructure to ensure both staff safety and regulatory compliance.

Lazerbeam Fire and Security Ltd were commissioned by to manage, design and install the new fire alarm system for this site.

The Challenge

Plans for this site featured a new concept catering to research facilities, innovation space for businesses of all sizes, and accommodation for postgraduate students.

British standards require that companies fit fire alarms throughout as well as a site-wide aspirating solution capable of detecting smoke particles in any location.

This building presented Lazerbeam Fire and Security with unique challenges as we had to accommodate the various different types of tenants within the building. Ongoing maintenance requirements meant devices needed to be accessible allowing for the regular testing regime recommended by industry regulators.

We also had to ensure that the system installed could be integrated with the Fire Alarm system installed in Building A which was completed during 2020.

Ease of use and integration were crucial. As a commercial operation featuring a mix of both open and closed spaces, the solution needed to connect with a wide range of external systems to ensure advanced safety features would activate in the event of a fire alarm. 

The Solution

Following a full review of the site’s footprint and usage Lazerbeam Fire and Security Ltd concluded that the quality and innovation provided by MXPro5 Advanced Technology represented the best solution for this project.

Lazerbeam Fire and Security and AEM Limited closely collaborated during planning, specifying a bespoke system to ensure safety and compliance across the entire site.

In total the project would see approximately 464 devices installed on site. In addition to the fire alarm, beams and an aspiration system was also installed.


Once the plans were approved, the value of this in-depth specification process became clear, not only did installation come in within budget it was also completed within the agreed timeframes.

The Manager of fire on this project at Lazerbeam Fire and Security Ltd, said “The MXPro5 Advanced  technology is easy and intuitive to work with, ensuring smooth error-free implementation. In addition the built-in intelligence it provides allows for the sophisticated networking of systems, facilitating complex cause and effect protocols for optimised and automated site safety.

The Imperial College project involved significant, side-wide integration. The additional safety features this provided include automatic shutdown of lifts and gas in the event of an alarm.

Requiring special commissioning engineers to install, the combination of MXPro5 Advanced technology and Lazerbeam Fire and Security expertise simplified these complicated IT requirements, providing Scale Space and Imperial College with a best-in-class fire safety system for its new facility.

Since completion of the of the project, the site has been fully accredited, confirming compliance with all relevant standards.

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