Mixed Use Buildings – Fire and Life Safety

Mixed Use Buildings – Fire and Life Safety

The Background

We were approached by the Trust for a full upgrade of the Fire Alarm system due to insufficient fire detection & protection within their offices.

The Challenge

On appointment, we conducted a full detailed survey that comprised of visual inspections of third-party systems linked to the fire alarm system (such as the condition of access control equipment, gas solenoids, BMS interfacing and any suppression/additional aspirating systems). 

Our findings revealed that no asset register was in place, the system was aged, wiring conditions warranted inspection which left our client at a loss in knowing what equipment there was to be maintained as well as any lack of equipment that needed to be replaced.

The Solution

Once plans were approved, the value of this in-depth specification process became clear.highlighted the non-compliances which we discovered in the design category of the building, we then predicted the life span of the existing system components and devices highlighting any future replacements. Which lead us to predict any remedial works that would be required for budgetary purposes. Furthermore, based on our findings we provided proposals for replacing all of the contaminated detectors, once the proposals were approved, we replaced all the longstanding assets within two weeks. 

Following our defect work, we established our maintenance schedule which included predetermined days for our engineers to attend to each individual site. The schedule was sent one month in advance to be preapproved by the site manager. Once approved, we would then diarise the appointments and coordinate with our engineers to carry out the maintenance at each site. 

We have a pre-authorisation limit of £500 for spare parts and/or repairs, this guarantees we are able to complete any preventive maintenance without delay. This negates the necessity of a second visit and reduces system downtime. 

As a result of Lazerbeams exceptional maintenance system we have been able to minimise call out requests to sites by 80% within the first year of our maintenance contract. Moreover, in regards to our repair service we provide 24/7/365 assistance, supported by a 24-hour helpline staffed by our customer support team for immediate fault resolution if/where possible. We currently have a response time of less than an hour with an attendance within 4 hours 95% of the time. 


As a result of the professionalism and adequacy shown by our team and the savings yielded, we were rewarded a maintenance contract for another three buildings after the first year of our maintenance contract. Over the years we have been awarded many more of their locations. We now provide maintenance and manage all life safety systems at numerous sites for the trust.

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